What is The Credit Solution Program?

The Credit Solution Program is an online program that provides training about credit scoring, credit reporting, and disputing items on your credit report. When you purchase The Credit Solution Program, access to the Members area on our site, and a free lifetime subscription to our members only email newsletter. 

The Program is divided into 4 parts:
1) Understanding your credit. This is a detailed review of the reasons why good credit is important to you. It also covers the companies, institutions, and players in the financial credit industry and how the things they do, or don't do, affect your credit standing. 
2) Credit Reports and Credit Scores. This is where we go over all of the components of both credit reports and scores, and show you in detail how they relate to each other. I introduce you the laws relating to the credit reporting industry, take you through steps designed to dispute items on your report, and show you some behaviors that can help keep your credit healthy.
3) Strategies for building better credit. Here we show you the mechanics behind building a positive credit history, including laws and dispute processes designed to protect you as a consumer. We also offer some suggestions for improving the ways you manage your personal finances that can help you going forward. 
4. Letter Templates and other Bonsues. We provide you with templates you can use as reference for you to write your own letters to creditors and credit reporting agencies. This section also contains forms to help you calculate your monthly income and expenses. 
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