Was my order processed? Did my order go through?

If you placed an order with us and it was successful then you will see charge on your statement from CSPBILL.COM. You should also receive a welcome email within 15min after ordering.

If you don't see a charge on your statement from us, then your order was not processed successfully.

If you do see a charge on your statement, but never received a welcome email from us with instructions on how to access your product. Please do the following in order:

1. Check your spam folder for the welcome email. For gmail, you will need to check the "promotions" tab AND the spam folder. 

2. If you don't find the email, use the contact us link on this page to send us a message to inquire about the status of your order. Be sure to include your First and Last Name, your billing address, and the email you used to purchase. 

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